Our kids should enjoy life, play, go out and discover. I have 3 of them between 9 and 14 years old, so I know something about it. But as a parent, I also know how it feels when they are out on a school trip, a sports camp, or just playing around on the street. What if something happens to them and I should be immediately contacted? A fall, getting lost, it all happens in a blink. I no longer want them to carry a little piece of paper in their backpocket. I want their emergency contacts to be readable and available 24/7 when they are not with me.

Their Mojid band on their wrist gives me the peace of mind that I want. The band can stand a little bump, and on top of it, it is pretty cool to wear. Of course, the rubber silicone band is non-allergic, is waterproof (chlorine and sea water) and very light to wear.