A Mojid band?

A Mojid wristband is a customised wristband protecting you and your loved ones with contact and medical data.

Why you should wear one? Very simple, for your safety (yes we agree, it also looks pretty cool). Safety for you personally (or for your kids), but also for your loved ones.

We bring you the best product on the market for a very acceptable price. No, it is not ‚wearable technology‘, our wrist bands do not have a built-in GPS or alarm-button, but they do what they have to do.

Mojid wristbands are made of anti-allergic rubber silicone on which you place a small stainless steel ID tag (about 3cm wide and 1cm high). The tags are individually laser-engraved with CO2-technology machines (probably the best in the market) with the details you want on it (name, contact details, medical history, a motivating quote…you name it).

Of course, Mojid wrist bands come in many stylish colors and are featherlight, waterproof and durable (and if we may say so, very stylish).

We bring you 2 different models.

The high-end model is fully adjustable to your wrist size and comes with a stainless steel closing buckle. The band width is 18mm. We would say typically for adults and athletes. We also bring you a more slim model (which comes in 3 sizes), typically for kids and teens/adults with thinner wrists. The band width is 12mm.

Our story

People often ask me what Mojid stands for. Mojid comes from ‘Moj ID’, meaning ‘my identity’ and says exactly what our product should do. We design and build customised wristbands, protecting you and your loved ones in case of emergency with contact and medical data.

Yes, I wanted to do something meaningful, something right. Change the world? Maybe not. But why not give it a try. There are many children, parents and spouses in this world. But I only have 1. You only have 1. And that is where the Mojid story started. I hope you like it.

As a mother of 3 kids having the best days of their lives, a daughter of aging parents living in Belgium and wife of a sports-addict, knowing they are safe at all times is my top priority. This inspired me to bring the Mojid wristbands to your world. A stylish accessory that I see as a must-have for every child, athlete or senior. Because don’t we all want to protect those we love? Because sooner or later, something will happen.

Nele Van Peteghem