Use the language that you think is the most right one for you or the person who wears it.

Ask yourself: What should this Mojid band do for you?

Indeed, it is about contact and medical details in case of emergency

Always start with the full name (people need to know WHO you are!) of the person who will wear the band

This can be you, but of course also your child, or elderly parents

Many people also write their date (or year) of birth

It is always good to mention where you are from (for example BRUSSELS-BELGIUM)

Ideally mention 2 emergency phone numbers (of course, never put your own number!)

Mention key medical conditions, blood-type or allergies

You can also mention: NO ALLERGIES, or NO MEDICAL ISSUES

If you feel uncomfortable with sharing info (for privacy reasons), be less specific

Need some examples?

Of course, you can always contact us to discuss on